22 September Friday

Joint Struggle, Need of the hour: Party Congress updat

Web Desk(Kannur)Updated: Sunday Apr 10, 2022

Our country witnessed a historic two day general strike on the 28th and 29th of last month. About 25 crore workers  participated in the strike and millions joined the demonstrations held all over the country. This historic strike call was given not merely on immediate demands of the workers but against the anti-national destructive policies of the Union  government. This General Strike turned into a bandh in many states. Thousands of people participated in the road/ rail blockades in numerous places.Factories, shops, offices and commercial establishments wore a deserted look.In all major industrial centres and hubs across the country the strike was massive. Despite the threats like promulgation of ESMA, eight day wage cut notices etc, the working people responded massively to the call of Central trade unions to save the people; save the nation.

The strike was total in the insurance, massive in banks. There was massive participation of the central and state government employees in the strike throughout the country particularly in postal, income-tax and other major departments. Crores of unorganised sector workers, including construction workers, beedi workers, head load workers, private transport workers struck work and participated in the demonstrations. Around 80 lakh scheme workers including anganwadi, ASHA and mid-day-meal workers played a frontline role in making strike in the concerned sector almost total. Shop employees, traditional sector workers including plantation, coir workers etc, participated in the strike in a big way. These striking workers continued day-long road blockade and rail-blockade demonstrations in numerous locations throughout the country giving the general strike greater visibility. Peasants and agricultural workers along with the members from various mass organisations also participated in those blockade demonstrations. In several states rural hartal was observed by the peasants and agricultural workers.

 While congratulating the working class again for their huge response, even more massive protests  reflecting their anger against the devastating anti people and anti national policies of the Modi led BJP government of corporate-communal nexus at the centre is needed. This is necessary to Save the Nation and Save the People. Because the Modi government is selling the resources and assets of the country to domestic and foreign corporations. National wealth is being created by the working class. So they have the right and obligation to protect it. There are attempts to weaken the fighting capacity of the working  class by denying the rights of trade unions and labourers. Now the unemployment rate in the country has reached upto 12 percent. Prices of fuels have been hiking everyday after the elections. EPF deposit interest rate has slashed. There is no other way when there are attempts to silence the working class. Now the workers and peasants are fighting together. There is a unity among all the working sections. When workers and farmers join together there are 100 crore people. It is enough for the majority.