04 June Sunday

He Who Fights Could Lose; Who doesn't Has Lost Already

Anilkumar A VUpdated: Sunday Apr 10, 2022

In the capitalist world, democracy is meant  for the minority rich observed Lenin. The bourgeois democracy boasts of pompous phrases, exuberant promises and high-minded slogans of freedom and equality. In reality, it screens the non-freedom and inferiority toilers, exploiters and women. Neoliberalism needs Neo Fascists nowadays.   During the Covid  pandemic  we tasted the capitalist bitterness. Millions were  infected, millions died .  The Modi government has thrown the helpless masses to the mercy of Shylokian business firms. Fuel prices are skyrocketing. And yet, the Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Hardeep Singh Puri is in defensive mode.

BJP got majority in Congress
BJP established  comfortable majority in Congress; organisationally and ideologically.  Both parties' politics moves in the name of Ram bhakthi. Religion and politics are cleverly mixed to produce fundamentalism. Who loves Rama and who loves Rahim should not even be an issue. That is why only the Left can be an alternative. Nathuram  Godse, made  a  hero  and  Father of Nation' by RSS. Hindu Mahasabha, Sanatan Sanstha,  Hanuman Sena and Maharana Pratap Battalion commemorating his death anniversary as Shaurya Diwas'. Sanatan came into limelight after murdering Govind Pansare.  Since BJP came to power, several Hindu groups backed moves to refurbish Godse's notorious legacy. In Meerut, Hindu groups launched website  to popularise his  name. Built  temples in some part of the country. Hindu Mahasabha national secretary Pooja Shakun Pandey shot at an effigy of Gandhiji celebrating Martyr's Day' in Aligarh. She mentioned Gandhi as  'traitor' and  blamed  him  for partition. Pandey said that if Godse were alive would drink the water used to wash his feet. Led by Prime Minister Modi, many extremists admire Gandhi's killer. Across the country, more than a dozen statues of Godse have been  erected. Several temples converted into his name. Yogi government  proposed changing the name of Meerut to Godse City.

Historian Ramachandra Guha specified that  fans of Mahtma's killer were no longer a fringe group. Admiration found a place among large segment of population. Godse was born in Baramati, a  village of  Maharashtra to a brahmin family. Three older sons died from illness. Thinking it would protect new child to treat him as a girl, they pierced Godse's nose and made him wear nose ring until they had fifth  son. wearing nose ring, he was called Nathuram, meaning  man with pierced nose. Godse joined RSS in 1932 and firmly  believed Gandhi had betrayed Hindus by being too conciliatory to Muslims and by allowing Pakistan to break off during partition.

Public meetings eulogizing Gandhi's killer are used to spread lies and justify murder. Hindu fanatics are urging the U P government to insert a special chapter in textbooks on Godse. The Mahasabha activists installed statues of Godse at Balidhan Dham' in Meerut. The Hindu Mahasabha said it will make a statue of Godse with soil brought from Ambala Jail, where he hanged to death in 1949.

BJP is spreading  psuedo nationalism and adopted national security and terrorism as core  points and reluctant to address country's real economic problems. Congress and BJP have avowedly different ideologies but seem to follow a broadly common economic programme.  The moot question is not whether the Left has a future  in India, but the pertinent point to raise is does  our country have a future sans the Left. Political intervention in bourgeoisie vocabulary is electoral performance. The Indian Left undoubtedly has been functioning as  ideological opposition. Bertold Breht once wrote  "He who fights,can loose. He who doesn't has already lost. Alternative economic policies. Safeguarding India's plurality and tolerance and democratic values are important. . Congress is not only a divided party; but "thriveded' loose outfit.like  G-7, G-8, G-20  in congress there is G-23. Frogs in well can't see the danger. Nobody can stop the self inflicted decline.

Selling of National Wealth
Indiscriminate selling of Navratna Undertakings harms national interests. National wealth is the creation of workers' sweat and tears. So they have right on it. Globalisation means privatisation of profit and nationalisation of loss. It is worth mentioning that the Navratnas have withstood the rigours of liberalisation and continue to earn profit. People would certainly like to know the reasons for disinvestment. ONGC, IOC, GAIL and NTPC, could soon lose their identity and become part of private empire. The Finance Ministry is planning to approach NITI Aayog to prepare another list of PSUs where holding could be brought down to below 51%. It is not that the government is merely involved in selling the PSUs, is on the way  to withdrawing from health and education sectors, leaving citizens  before the mercy of private sector. It is for augmenting the resources of the country or to help private players. Can we trust Congress in this area?. Remember only one instance. Why  Jaipal Reddy  Removed from Oil Ministry on 24 May 2004. The cabinet shuffle of the second UPA- government took place on 28 October 2012. The reason was he differed on the gas allocation to Reliance and refusal to accept demands of that monopoly.The oil ministry imposed fine of 7000 crores on Mukesh Ambani for sharp drop in production of gas and violations mentioned by  CAG. Further, oil ministry did not approve company's 720 crore  stake in deal with Bharat Petroleum. He was removed after heavy pressure from corporate houses, particularly Reliance.

Privatisation of banks and Insurance will render five lakh people unemployed. Rapidly increasing inflation and unemployment and selling  of  resources are in the name of privatisation. The government continues its loyalty to the interests of the corporate sector and the common people's interests are always buried. Last year, government took a decision that Indian Railways will hive off  seven production units and associated workshops like ICF Perambur, RCF Kapurthala, Modern Coach Factor, Raebareli into a corporation called Indian Railways Roll Stocking Company.

The Railways is not the only sector Central  government is handing over to the corporates. Modi  opened the floodgates for the private sector to take over sectors like coal mines, banks, defence, oil, insurance, electricity, telecom, space and atomic energy.  BJP government does not have concern for the common people. The decision will take away the dream of Indian youth, to get railway job.The Railway is a public service not a profit-generating enterprise. Such privatisation undermines the basics of self-reliant economy.