04 June Sunday

Safeguard our diversity

Web Desk‌Updated: Sunday Apr 10, 2022

Su Venkatesan speaking in the cultural conference

The Cultural Conference organised in connection with the 23rd Party Conference of CPI-M on Friday called for a joint resistance against Cultural Fascism knocking on our doors. The BJP led NDA Government in the centre is implementing their communal and divisive policies by promoting misunderstanding and disquiet among various sections of the people. It is high time for the Indian society to realise the dangers of such policies and resist them to the core with all their might. The conference reminded the Indian society that none else would come forward to protect the federal system, democratic values and the diversity of the country. All the secular minds of the country should take it upon themselves to resist the theory of fragmentation put forward by the Union Government and protect the wholesomeness, that is India.

 K Sachidanandan
 India's culture is at a crossroad. The present Union Government has become propagandists of nationalism based on hatred. It is high time we remained united to resist and fight against this evil design of the present rulers of our country. One should rather have a political affinity than being an apolitical person. Even telling the truth to the authorities at the correct time is  a great cultural activity. One should be a patriot rather than a nationalist- said K Sachidanandan, Poet and President of Kerala Sahithya Academy said inaugurating the conference.

Su Venkatesan
Writer  and Lok Sabha member Su Venkatesan said that the RSS and the BJP have been trying to interpret the Brahmanic culture as Indian culture. He was speaking at a cultural meet as part of the Party Congress of the CPI-M.

He says that  India is a land of diverse cultures. But the Hindutva communal forces are not ready to accept this. They are declaring war on diversity of  language, clothing and history. There are no dalits or women in their space. But there are only Brahmins. They are trying  to establish the Aryan  invasion  as history. Attempts are being made to establish that Sanskrit is the source of all languages. Crores are being spent on the promotion  of Sanskrit. As 60 percent  of the country is spoken by other languages, they are trying to make Hindi as the official language. Such cultural attacks by Hindutva activists should be resisted.

M A Baby
Cultural fight and reinstating historic consciousness in the people's minds are the greatest political activity of the present time, CPI-M Politburo member M A Baby, who presided over the function, said. We should form a greater alliance for this fight against darkness. Cultural activists are with the Left in this fight against political high handedness.
M Mukesh MLA and poet Prabha Varma also spoke.