04 June Sunday

Vibrant, Spirited, The 23rd Party Congress Enters Culmination

Web Desk(Kannur)Updated: Sunday Apr 10, 2022

The crowd outside E K Nayanar Nagar( Nayanar Academy)

With only a few hours left for the conclusion of the 23rd Party Congress of CPI-M in Kannur, party workers are flowing from all over the state to the city in abundance. Students, teachers, bank employees, shopkeepers, labourers.. People from different walks of the city are flowing into the cradle of Communism. Some come by big and small groups in trains, buses or other vehicles while people like Chemban Muhammadali from Pulppatta, Malappuram come by foot all the way from their homes.

As the threat of Covid 19 has diminished to certain  extent,  the people's flow has started from the very beginning of the Party Congress. By Saturday morning the city was packed with party workers, some in red and white dress and many with red hats on. The history exhibition, book exhibition in the Collectorate Ground and Government exhibition in the  nearby Town Square are the major crowd pullers. Many take pictures before the A K G Statue placed in front of the Jawahar Stadium where the public gathering is to take place on Sunday. The seminar on `Centre- State Relations' held on Saturday also witnessed a tightly packed stadium with people spilling over along to the footpath on the outside of the venue.

People who are coming to the city also visit places like Koothuparamba Martyrs Column, Payyambalam beach where great leaders were laid to rest and other places of historical importance in the district. They gather outside the Party Congress venue to get a glimpse of their leaders. Seeing the crowd, many leaders climb down from their vehicles and take photos with them. Party workers and enthusiasts from neighbouring states also have been camping in the city for the past few days.