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The Paradise 0f Migratory birds

Rasheed AnappuramUpdated: Monday Dec 11, 2017

The natural harbour at Kadalundi is an earthly paradise for migratory birds. The large flocks of birds that come visiting here in the breathtaking backdrop of wooded greenery enthrall
bird-watchers and nature-lovers in no small measure.

This 60-acre harbour, located at the junction of Kadalundi river and the Arabian Sea, offers limitless possibilities for tourism. For Kadalundi, which can recount many unhappy tales of rank neglect, popular planning has become the last refuge.

The harbour belongs to the Vallikkunnu Panchayat of Malappuram District. The Panchayat has drawn up a well-conceived scheme to systematically develop the area as an eco-tourism centre.

The Scheme has provided built-in safeguards to preserve the environment. The District Tourism Council has come forward with all the necessary Support for these projects.
Once the development projects are fully functional and the infrastructure facilities are well in place, Kadalundi is certain to emerge as one of the most sought-after tourist centres in Kerala.
With an uncanny regularity, rare species of migratory birds visit the Kadalundi harbour from distant places like Siberia, Persian Gulf, Europe, America and the
Himalayan ranges. Therefore, the major thrust of these projects are towards developing the harbour area as a bird sanctuary. An information centre, a bird museum, slide projection facilities and a photo exhibition hall are also being planned as part of the overall Scheme.

The Panchayat administration has taken care to include water cruise facilities here. For this purpose, with the coperation of private investors,some country boats are being introduced. Not to harm the mangove forest around no mechanised boat will be allowed. When the scheme is launched tourists can cruise around the harbour and go on boat rides from Kottakkadavu to Mannattanpara Locker.

Map of Kadalundi is here