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Tragic Death For 4-yr-old Malayali Girl Aboard School Bus On Her Birthday : Qatar

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Sep 12, 2022

Doha : A 4-year-old Malayali  child died tragically on her birthday in Qatar after being found unconscious in a locked school bus hours after it emptied other students. The unfortunate victim is : Minsa Mariyam Jacob, daughter of Kottayam couple from Chingavanum.

The incident happened aboard school bus of Wakra Spring Field Kindergarten in Muscat. According to reports, Minsa fell asleep on bus and failed to leave when all others alighted at the kindergarten. The bus staff claim they failed to take notice of the sleeping child and realised she was in only when  unlocking the bus for their next shift  around 11.30 am local time. Minsa was unconscious by then and though rushed to the hospital breathed her last shortly after.

The cause of death has not been medically determined up to now.
Minsa is younger daughter of Chingavanum couple Abhilash Chacko and Soumya. Their older daughter Mikha is a third grader at Indian School in Muscat.