23 September Saturday

Delhi Violence : Authorities Should Refrain From Using Face Recognition Tech ; Politburo Tells Why

Web Desk‌Updated: Saturday Mar 14, 2020

NEW DELHI :  In their hunt for perpetrators of Delhi violence, the government and Delhi police should refrain from deploying Face Recognition Technology for results, said CPI(M)  Politburo. The technology is not  foolproof and can’t be relied on for accuracy, it added.


In his reply to a query raised in the parliament, the Union Home Minister ,Amit Shah, spoke of deploying Face Recognition Tech to zero in on those responsible for bloodied riots in the capital. Several footages released showed Delhi police themselves wrecking CCTVs and other image capturing systems at the scene. The cops largely lend support to the rioters and damaged visual systems at places that incriminate actual perpetrators. Therefore,  use of images from available CCTVs would result in biased outlook and should be avoided altogether.


In 2018, Delhi police and the Department for Child and Women Development had pleaded with Delhi High Court that, the level of accuracy for Face Recognition Tech is barely 2 percent. Incidentally, the use of this technology is not authorised by law or court order either. Use of  Face Recognition Technology is an intrusion into privacy of individuals and violates their right to protest.


The Home Minister’s claim that use of Face Recognition Technology would rule out religious discrimination is meaningless. The technology will most certainly be abused at the hands of authorities, said Politburo.