29 May Monday

Police Terrorism Targeting Assam Minorities Condemnable : CPI(M)

CorrespondentUpdated: Saturday Sep 25, 2021

New Delhi : The CPI(M) Politburo condemned  government-back terror perpetrated by police targeting minorities  in Assam. Two persons fell victims to police’s gunshots at Dholpur-Gorukhuti region in Darrang district and several wounded.

The government is unleashing attacks on marginalized residents who are citizens of the country and have  toiled on their farms for decades and evicting them on suspicions of illegal migration and ‘illegal encroachment’. The broader plan is communal-oriented that targets Muslim families in the region. It is a direct attack on the constitution that guarantees right to safety and protection for  citizens of this country.

Incriminating footages on police cruelty is out. There should be action against cops responsible for excesses. All evictions must be stopped. The families of the dead should be compensated adequately. CPI(M) will lend support to all members of public and parties with secular and democratic mindset that oppose venom-laced, hate-filled communal politics of the BJP government, said Politburo in its statement.