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What’s The Block To Joint Protest ? asks Chief Minister

Web Desk‌Updated: Monday Jan 20, 2020

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : What’s the obstacle to joint protest the country calls for  against the Citizenship Amendment, asks Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. There are these individuals who stubbornly proclaim they will not join joint protest. . The reason behind remains unclear, the minister said.  Let’s come together to protect the nation, CM added, addressing a massive rally organized by CPI(M) in the city.

Protesting jointly would translate into greater power. Each group has its own strength. Each of us must show goodwill to come together. When Kerala serves to inspire rest of the nation, one must not stay away over  petty reasons.

Kerala, by holding joint protest at Martyrs’ Square in the capital against CAA, send a powerful message across the country. However they crept up some negative tones from petty-minded individuals. Thereafter, though govt convened an all-party meet to decide on next course of protest, the Opposition leader evaded a clear response and instead said ’Will let know later”. Soon a special session of Assembly was convened and the resolution demanding scrapping of CAA, was passed unanimously. This too served as a huge message.

Some quarters are perpetrating false claims that survey pertaining to National Population Register would be carried out in the State. You know the malady such people are struck with. In Kerala, there is Stay imposed on all proceedings relating to NPR survey. There would be no activity in connection with NPR in the State. All NPR parameters have been excluded in the ongoing census. Thus, there is absolutely no need for one to worry or feel concerned. Rest assured, we live in a heavily fortified abode, Pinarayi said.

The govt’s refusal to implement CAA is owing to unconstitutionality the law imbibes. This government shall carry out functions strictly adhering to principles laid down by the country’s Constitution. This  government is not meant for carrying out RSS’s wishful thinking, said CM.