23 September Saturday

Sangh Parivar Replicating Gujarat Genocide in Delhi: Let's Combat Communal Forces United : Kodiyeri

Web Desk‌Updated: Wednesday Feb 26, 2020

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : The violence being played out in Delhi is an exact copy of  genocide that rolled out in Gujarat when Narendra Modi  helmed the State as its Chief Minister, said CPI(M) State Secretary Kodiyeri Balankrishnan.

The people who get jitters at the very  mention of democratic secularism, are the  ones burning Delhi down in communal violence. The Gujarat rioting that turned into genocide during Narendra Modi’s Chief Ministership, is the kind of episode that’s being recreated in Delhi, Kodiyeri told reporters at a press conference.


Sangh Parivar’s riots aimed to crush protests against Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA), has claimed 13 lives so far - a toll that could rise further. Shops, houses and vehicles of just one particular community is being hounded and burnt down.


The violence in north-eastern Delhi has precipitated an exodus of migrants and Muslims from the area. The rioters are flaunting guns and shouting “Jai Sree Ram” slogans as they cruise the streets unleashing terror. Even media persons are not spared. Law and order has broken down completely in the capital. All govt machinery including the police are being mobilised for carrying out riots.


The beginning of Delhi riots coincided with US President Donald Trump’s visit to the country. While Trump, family and his team of top delegates stayed put up 20 km away, Sangh Parivar carried out rioting and arson  in the neighbouring region. And, neither Modi nor Amit Shah did anything at all to prevent  loss of face this caused to India. It would then be not wrong to suspect that, Modi and Shah cannot dare to oppose RSS plans or decisions. According to sources, meticulous planning and conspiracy has gone into the riots unfolding in Delhi.


The communal violence played out in capital is less likely to be confined there. The possibility of riots spreading into neighbouring States should not be dismissed. A broad strategy to crumble anti-CAA protests is behind the current violence. At a point when uprising against CAA spread across the country, communal violence has been unleashed to restrain it.


The Hindutva politics aims to retain power by  polarizing the country communally and eventually transform it into  an Hindu State. This is the hour when all members of the civic society who believe in democratic values and secularism should come forward. Lets uphold secularism and combat communal forces,  urged Kodiyeri.