22 September Friday

Police Beating In Kollikollur Station; DYFI Demands Criminal Proceedings Against Cops

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Thursday Oct 20, 2022

Kollam: DYFI demanded criminal proceedings against police in the incident of beating up DYFI leader and his soldier brother in  Kollikollur police station. The victims of police brutality  are:  Peyroor Meghala Joint Secretary Vignesh and his older brother Vishnu.

Police on duty, Manikantan, called Vignesh to the  station asking to  to stand bail for a suspect in MDMA case. Up on arrival, Vignesh refused to stand bail and attempted to leave the station. In the meanwhile, Vignes’s  older soldier brother Vishnu came looking for him and entered into an argument with plainclothes man in the station compound, who soon coerced him into the  the station.

This second cop was drunk and rough. The brothers tried to lodge a complaint on his drunkenness and demeanor.That's when the police locked both of them in  cell there and began to assault. As things got rough,  a police too got hurt and cops rained punches on the btothers.

Vignesh testified to magistrate the violent assault he experienced in police station. Police that have acted against State laws and humiliated the DYFI should be booked with criminal charges, demanded DYFI in its statement.