08 June Thursday

People’s Trust In Govt Now More; Oppn Stands With Lack of Faith In Itself : CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Aug 24, 2020


Thiruvananthapuram : Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan struck a jesting note at Opposition’s failed attempt today in the Assembly saying, it is unclear who the no-confidence motion was really meant for, given that mistrust within UDF is rapidly  on the rise.  Bonds  between the  front’s allies are  frayed and   the Opposition has lost much trust in its own  self, said CM.

Today’s no-confidence motion is a fallout  of UDF’s  own insecurities. It lacks capacity to present even a single matter credibly. The front’s own members are  expressing distrust in leadership in terms of capability. 
The Left govt  came to power on strength of 91 seats and has 93 to its credit today. It is a pointer to increased confidence people have placed in this government. Loss of trust on people’s part is a  phenomenon  happening in UDF. The public has lost confidence in the front, said CM.

Congress leaders today describe one another as BJP agents. The party's condition is like where the roof lies flattened on its foundation and Congress now is akin to a family that awaits to become BJP completely. Notably, these differences and divisions come at a time when the country is faced with serious crisis, said CM.

Congress is now viewed as a party incapable of coming up with a leader. Even party seniors are reluctant to take up its leadership role. Left had forecast how Rahul contest from Kerala would translate to huge losses on the  national front  - a perspective that Congress chose to ignore. And, result is the spectre of infighting the party is currently saddled with.

Congress consistently fails to arrive at a consensus on any issue of national importance. Its maintained  a curious quiet over central government’s agenda on Ayodhya Ram temple. Later, a few of the party veterans joined BJP chants as its playback singers. Congress today  comprises of  leaders who are constantly on lookout for BJP,  to come by with attractive offer, said CM in reply to the  House today.