28 May Sunday

P. Rajeev Dares Satheesan To Prove Accusation; Should Not Stoop This Low, Says Minister

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : To the public, such cheap response from an Opposition Leader is not expected of, said Minister P. Rajeev. The Oppn Leader’s response is startling.  To this very moment, he has never denied what took place. Instead  he engages in making  personal attacks. I challenge Satheesan to prove what he said,  said Minister P. Rajeev.

The Opposition Leader did not deny that he lighted lamp in front of Golwalkar’s portrait. At least, not up to now. If as per Satheesan, VS similarly made a speech at the  venue, he should come out with proof of it  in response to my press meet. However, instead of a clear-cut response, Satheesan brags  the press conference by Hindu Aikya Vedi leader was called  at instance of the minister’s office. I challenge Satheesan to prove that claim. Is there a shred of evidence pointing to RV Babu’s visit to either my home or office, asked Min Rajeev.