29 May Monday
The victim was redressed and his wound wiped clean before being brought to the hospital

Man Stabs Younger Brother To Death Using Scissors Over Alleged Drunken Violence With Mother

Anita SasiUpdated: Friday Nov 19, 2021

Kolenchery : Police arrested youth in Kolenchery for stabbing his younger brother to death last night. The deceased Sreenath(29) died from stab to his chest from   shaving scissors, inflicted by his older brother Sreekanth.

As per Sreekanth’s version of events to the police, Sreenath came home drunk late last night and began to fight with their mother. When the brawl escalated from  verbal abuses to physical blows, Sreekanth intervened to break the fight and in the push and pull that followed, he grabbed the  scissors and punched it onto Sreenath, who then collapsed to the floor.

Sreekanth said, he at first thought, Sreenath had collapsed from alcohol effect and did not imagine the small scissor could inflict a fatal wound.  Srenath was brought to the hospital already dead and on police’s arrival, Sreekanth said he collapsed from booze.

While preparing their inquest report, the police however noticed a puncture mark in the chest area of the victim  and their doubts were cleared after postmortem report put cause of death as rupture of cardiac valve from stabbing with scissors. Since shaving scissor is sleek, not much blood oozed to the outside. Sreekant had wiped the wound clean and redressed Sreenath before fetching him to the hospital.

Sreekant remains in police custody.