23 March Thursday

Kozhikode Twin Blast : High Court Acquits Convicts Including Thadiyantavide Nazeer

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Jan 27, 2022

Image : Kerala News

Kochi : The High Court has acquitted Thadiyantavide Nazeer and Shafaz, the two convicts of Kozhikode twin-blast case.  The verdict came on appeal against trial court conviction filed by first accused Thadiyantavide Nazeer and 4th accused Shafas.

The court also dismissed NIA appeal questioning trial court acquittal of  the third accused in the case, Abdul Halim and 9th accused Abubacker Yusuf. The High Court upheld those acquittals in its ruling today.

The acquittals pronounced by the Division Bench today observed  there was insufficient evidence to hold the accused guilty.

The case revolves around two blasts paced in 30 minutes of one another in March of 2006 in Kozhikode’s Mofusal Bus Stand and the 2nd in KSRTC bus stand there. There were no casualties.