03 June Saturday

K Surendran A Political Pollutant With No Culture; Will Seek Legal Action Over Derogatory Remarks: on Women: DYFI

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : Will seek  appropriate legal action against K Surendran for his remarks outraging modesty of woman, said DYFI State Secretary PK Sanoj.

BJP State President K Surendran’s mean remarks on women of Kerala point to his lack of political culture.  It is unsuited of a political leader to be saying that women of Kerala are fat devils who eat spoils of corruption.

K Surendran, who has to his head corruption allegations to the tune of Rs 400 crores, is a distorted human who fetched his son job through backdoor appointment. For someone neckdeep in corruption of these kind  K Surendran's  words  emanate from t BJP’s  disregard for Kerala and the Party’s perspective on women.

To have made such heinous remarks, K Surendran absolutely lacks culture and is a political pollutant, said PK Sanoj, adding that DYFI will seek legal action against Surendran's  anti-women remarks.