05 June Monday

Eradicating Extreme Poverty: Govt Takes 64,004 Families Into Its Fold

Dinesh VarmaUpdated: Saturday Feb 18, 2023

Thiruvanantahpuram : As part of eradicating extreme poverty, the government  will take into its fold 64,006 impoverished families, meeting their expenses wholly on State exchequer. Welfare and protection schemes will be rendered completely free for these households.  The decision came about from the Decentralized Planning Coordination Committee at its meeting.  Food, medicine, shelter and rights of these families will be taken care of . Those with no means of livelihoods shall be protected by shifting them to shelter homes.

These beneficiaries will be first provided with basic documents such as Aadhaar and Ration card.  Those who are able to work shall be incorporated into suitable network. Cow, goats, petty shops shall be provided to these folks. The relief does not stop there, rather, help shall be provided on followup basis. Clean living conditions shall be ensured for. 43,850  of the extremely poor are single-member families, while  9841 comprise  two  members and 5165 have three.

There are 3021 Scheduled Tribe families and 12,763  that of Scheduled Caste among the beneficiaries.  Also included are:  2737 coastal families among the extremely poor. The local self-govt bodies have each prepared micro plan to offer all help possible to these families identified as extremely poor in the Survey.

Relief Measures Will Not Affect LIFE benefit
Those who rehabilitated with govt aid following floods of 2018, but have unhabitable homes, shall be provided houses under LIFE mission.  During 2018 - 19, several families availed aid from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to repair homes damaged by floods. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had clarified in the Assembly that having availed such aid does not disqualify a person for the extreme poverty eradication scheme .

he rentals of buildings  rented to local bodies can be fixed by the Engineering Dept of the respective local body.  This used to be fied by the Public Works Department  earlier.  The Decentralized Planning Coordination Committee meeting was presided over by Minister MB Rajesh.