09 February Thursday

Dr. Joe Joseph Is Our Team’s Smartest: Dr. Jose Chacko Periyapuram

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday May 6, 2022

Kochi : Best  wishes for Dr. Joe Joseph who’s been part of our team since heart transplantation became a regular feature in 2013, said Dr. Jose Chacko Periyapuram, the pioneer of heart transplant surgery in Kerala. Heart transplantation after it was first done, saw an interval till up to 2013 after which it coursed off as regular procedure.. Dr. Joe Joseph, the smart doctor and on our team ever since, has participated in 26 heart transplant surgeries, said Dr. Jose.

Arriving from Thiruvananthapuram with live heart to Kochi’s Lisie Hospital, Dr. Joe was an active participant in the transplant surgery carried out at the time, said Dr. Jose Chacko speaking to press conference at Lisie Hospital  soon after announcement declared Dr.Joe as election candidate.

Quality professionals entering politics is essential for our social good, said Dr. Romy Mathew from Lisie hospital’s Cardiac Department. De. Joe Joseph’s candidacy will benefit  the  State and our society, he added.