05 December Monday

Congress Lie Crumbles; Gandhi Picture Found Intact In Police Photos; SFI Not Responsible, Affirms Police

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Jul 4, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Police on Sunday confirmed SFI as not responsible for vandalising of Gandhiji’s photo inside MP Rahul Gandhi’s office in Wayanad. The SP’s report in this regard, cites police photographer’s shots of the scene taken immediately after SFI workers were vacated from the MP office.

These photographs show Gandhiji’s photo hanging intact on the wall and the police photographer testifies the timeline as being a time after SFI workers were no more on the scene. The pictures substantiate what media, including Deshabhimani, and CPI(M) leaders asserted right from the beginning that, SFI workers never took down the Gandhi picture.

The Timeline : Police photographer shot the said pictures at 3.59 pm i.e. after 25 SFI workers were removed outside and arrested. Pictures at that point shows Gandhiji photo right up on the wall and intact.

The photographer then went downstairs to click more evidences but, when he returned back upstairs at 4.30, the Gandhiji photo was gone. After a brief search, the photographer found the picture lying on the floor with its glass broken.  And speaking volumes, there were UDF workers present in the room at that time.