30 March Thursday

Attack On Chief Minister Plotted By Congress : EP Jayarajan

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday Jun 14, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Congress plotted the  Monday  attack of  Chief Minister aboard airplane, said LDF convener, EP Jayarajan. The assailants were sent by K Sudhakaran and VD Satheesan; Congress had parted with all Gandhisim, said EP.

The miscreants on the airplane behaved like drunks. It does not matter whether they were inebriated or otherwise; the question is can aircraft be used as venue for protest? Antony must clarify if aeroplane protest is a policy with Congress. The act of fending off an assault is not an assault by itself, said EP.

Can one just sit watching  as advances are made to assault the Chief Minister? If there was no defense put up, Chief Minster would have been attacked. The focus of discussion should be about how people are paid twelve thousand rupees and  put on flight to attack Chief Minister. The act is equivalent to terrorism, said EP at press conference in the capital.