02 June Friday

Assembly Adjourns Over Opposition Ruckus During Question hour

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Jun 27, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Thiruvananthapuram : The fifth session of 15th Kerala Assembly halts owing to Opposition ruckus. Soon as the Question Hour began, Opposition members  held up banners, placard and started sloganeering. Incidentally, much of the Opposition members arrived dressed in black. When repeated urging for calm fell on deaf ears, the Speaker adjourned the  House.
The Opposition had submitted Calling Attention Notice  asking for discussion of attack on Rahul Gandhi’s office in Wayanad. The submission was made by T. Sidhique. At the very beginning, the Speaker clarified that the urgent notice was under consideration. The Assembly session proceeded  for just 5 minutes later.

This Session is being closely watched to find what stance the govt has  on SilverLine project and the buffer-zone issue.

This session is slated to discuss and pass fund requests for the ongoing financial year. 13 of the 23 Assembly days were scheduled to discuss  fund requests. Four days are set aside for matters relating to private members, four days for passing of Bills including financial bills and another four for supplementary financial bills.

The 15th Kerala Assembly met for its first session on 24 May 2021 -  completing an year now. During this period, the House held five sessions spanning 61 days.  Assembly sessions over this many days amid Covid conditions is exemplary when compared to conduct in other State.

The current Assembly session will run beginning today, June 27 for 23 days.