02 June Friday

Asianet's POCSO Case: Investigators Head To Mumbai To Record Testimony Of Actual Victim

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Mar 22, 2023

Mumbai : The POCSO case against Asianet, for using a minor girl to film fake video, is about to take a decisive turn.  The investigating team has reached  Mumbai to record   statement of the actual victim who claimed on TV of falling prey to  drugs and exploitation. Police will collect account from this girl who featured in the first Asianet telecast and also that of her father.

Three members of the investigating team,  including a woman civil police office, has arrived in Mumbai to record testimonies.  The statement from Kannur reporter was recorded earlier. He had admitted to using voice recording from first broadcast to make the second video using a different minor school girl.

Backdrop: The video titled “Narcotics is a dirty business” was aired in November of 2022 on Asianet channel. A 7th std girl student had featured as victim to drug gang and torture in that interview   It since however came to light that girl in this episode was no victim at all and that the narrative she appears to give is actually voice recording from another interview Asianet had broadcast three months earlier in August.