09 June Friday

Anthrax Diagnosed In Wild Boars Found Dead In Thrissur; Health Minister Advises Caution

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jun 30, 2022

Thrissur : Preliminary diagnosis puts bacteria anthrax as cause of death in wild boars found dead in sizeable numbers lately in Thrissur’s Athirapally. The pathogen  was detected in   pigs’ remains tested at Mannathi Veterinary University.

Following news of the outbreak, District Collector Harita V Kumar convened an emergency chaired by  Revenue Minister K Rajan,  to discuss further steps. Given likelihood of the infection spreading, the meeting instructed Animal Protection Dept. to vaccinate all livestock in Athirapally panchayat. Arrangements have been made to bury the deceased pigs following safety protocols; Also, measures have been taken to treat those who came into direct contact with the infected animals, the District Collector informed.

Though chances of anthrax spreading from animal to human are rare, one must exercise caution, warned  the Health Minister, Veena George. One must not consume meat of infected animals. Livestock owners must spontaneously  report to authorities any symptoms their animals might exhibit, the minister added.