03 June Saturday

Anitha Pullayil’s Entry Into Assembly Building; 4 Discharged From Dutes At Sabha TV

Anita SasiUpdated: Friday Jun 24, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Four people at Sabha TV -  the official Legislative Assembly streaming platform – have been discharged from their duties following the controversial woman, Anitha Pullayil’s, entry into the Assembly building during Lok Kerala Sabha. Action was taken soon as the incident came to light, said Speaker MB Rajesh. Anitha made her way into the Assembly building with help from a staff at  the contracting company that provides Over The Top (OTT)technical assistance to Sabha TV, said the Speaker  based on report on the incident from.

Anitha Pullayil, an accused in Monson Mavunkal antique scam, secured a pass to the Open Forum - an event conducted outside the Assembly building. Later, using that pass, she slipped into the main Assembly building accompanied by woman staff  of the  OTT firm who had a legitimate pass to the Lok Kerala Sabha proceedings. This woman together with 3 other contract staff at Sabha TV have been  relieved of their services. The discharged staff are : Faseela, Deepraj, Praveen and Vishnu.

While inside the Assembly building, Anitha  remained unnoticed on the first day. On that day, the Watch and Ward mistook her for an invitee as she came in company of the OTT firm staff, Faseela. The second day was different. Anitha's presence triggered controversy  and an interview with her on Sabha TV broke hell loose. The Chief Marshall of legislature was intrusted to probe her access to the building and submit report. 

No employee of the Assembly is involved in the incident, the Speaker said, adding that Anitha did not enter the hall where delegates and invitees to Lok Kerala Sabha were seated.