04 June Sunday

Adalats Overseen By Ministers At Taluk-level In April and May; Read Other Cabinet Decisions

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Mar 8, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : In commemoration with 2nd anniversary of this government,  Adalats overseen by ministers for redressal of  public grievances, shall be held in the months of April and May. For redressal of grievances at taluk level, adalats for complaints  from  taluk and Collectorate shall be held in presence of officials from concerned departments.

At the district level, Ministers shall be put in charge of adalats. The District Collector shall be responsible for organising and executing adalats. Complaints to be considered by adalats  may be submitted on  working days between 1st of April and 10th either through Akshaya Centres directly at Taluk offices.  Online system for uploading these complaints would be readied.

Topics presentable at adalats

♦️ Land related issues (emigration, demarcation, conversion, illegal construction, land encroachment)

♦️ Delay/refusal in issue of certificates / licences

♦️ Revenue Recovery- Concessions and deferral of arrears

♦️ Wetland conservation

♦️ Welfare Schemes (Home, Property-Life Scheme, Marriage/Study Grant etc.)

♦️ Remedy for natural calamities

♦️  Social Security Pension (Receive arrears and grant pension)

♦️ Environmental Pollution/ Waste Management

♦️ Stray protection/harassment

♦️ Cutting down dangerous trees

♦️ Street lights

♦️ Border disputes and roadblocks

♦️ Elder care

♦️ Relating to Building Regulations (Building Number, Tax)

♦️ Conservation of public water resources and drinking water

Ente Keralam 2023

To make public aware of  development  and welfare activities of the government, “Ente Keralam (My Kerala) 2023” exhibition-cum-marketing exhibition shall be held in all districts under the aegis of Information and Public Relations Department. The fairs will be held from 1 April  to 30 May. The state level Steering Committee will be responsible for approval of themes and programmes for the fairs. A district level Organising  Committee would be formed with ministers in-charge at district level as patrons, the District Collector as Chairman and District Information Officer as the convener.

The cabinet  meeting also  lend approval for rules pertaining to Kerala Micro-small Enterprises Facilitation Council 2023.