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Biostatistics course for clinicians conducted at VPS Lakeshore

Web Desk‌Updated: Sunday Apr 10, 2022

S K Abdulla, CEO, VPS Lakeshore Hospital inaugurates Second Biostatistics Course for Clinicians and Health Professionals at VPS Lakeshore Hospital

Kochi : VPS Lakeshore's Institute of Head and Neck Sciences conducted Second Biostatistics Course for Clinicians and Health Professionals, by joining hands with Kocher's Klub and The Association of Otolaryngologists of India. The workshop was held on 9th and 10th of April 2022, to enhance the knowledge and understanding of Clinicians and Health Professionals towards medical data analysis. Large number of Medical Professionals from the healthcare sector attended the workshop.

The course provided an introduction to biostatistics and had lectures on analysing, interpreting and evaluating scientific data and publications. The session further included statistics fundamentals, data analysis, case studies, data selection and tests, data input and statistical software such as SPSS, STATA, SAS, Excel, Google Sheets, Analysis of Published Data, Critical Journal Reading, and Multicentre Research Studies.

"There are a lot of differences in the pattern of disease between different regions of India. Documentation and periodic analysis by specialist doctors can be lead to better understanding of disease, effectiveness of treatment strategies and optimization of results," said Dr. Shawn T Joseph, Director - Institute of Head & Neck Sciences, VPS Lakeshore.

Prof.Narendranathan, Chairman Project review committee ICMR, Dr. H Ramesh, Director Of Surgical Gastroenterology, VPS Lakeshore Hospital, and Dr. Abraham Koshy - Director of Hepatology & Director of Research, VPS Lakeshore Hospital, Dr. T M Jacob, Nirmala College and Dr. Raghu Padinjat, NCBS - Bangalore along with prominent faculty members, led the discussions. Participants received a certificate upon the completion of the course.