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CSIR NET/SET/K-TET Preparation

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31). Five persons P, Q, R, S and T were travelling in a car. There
were two ladies in the group. Of the three who knew car driving, one
was a lady. There was one couple, of which only the wife could drive
the car. P is brother of S. Q, wife of S, drove at the beginning. T drove
at the end. Who was the other lady in the group ?
(A) T (B) S (C) R (D) Data inadequate (Ans:-C)
32. All the students are boys. All boys are dancers. Which of the
following inferences definitely follows from the above two statements
(A) All dancers are boys (B) All boys are students
(C) All dancers are students (D) All students are dancers (Ans:-D)
33. If a rectangle were called a circle, a circle a point, a point a
triangle and a triangle a square, the shape of a wheel is
(A) Rectangle (B) Circle (C) Point (D) Triangle (Ans:-C)
34. Manisha is eleventh from either end of a row of girls. How many
girls are there in that row ?
(A) 19 (B) 20 (C) 21 (D) 22 (Ans:-C)
35. A student who completes any graduate studies course shall
develop three of the following four essential attributes. They are
(i) A questioning frame of mind (ii) Skills of survey techniques
(iii) Good communication skills (iv) Sensitivity to social problems
(A) (i), (ii) and (iii) (B) (ii), (iii) and (iv)
(C) (iii), (iv) and (i) (D) (i), (iv) and (ii) (Ans:-C)
36. Data in tables of a research report show that 20 out of 60 students
in the first year of B.A. class of a college are girls. On a particular day
of visit it is observed that 12 students are absent of whom 08 are girls.
Attendance behaviour is poorer among girls than others. This
observation is a case of
(A) Deductive logic (B) Transductive logic
(C) Inductive logic (D) Inferential logic (Ans:-D)
{Deductive logic is the logic of reasoning from the general to the
specific. For example:All ravens are black birds.This bird is a raven,
therefore it is black. Inductive logic is the lpgic of reasoning from the
specific to the general. For example:This raven is a black bird. That
raven is a black bird.All ravens are black birds
Transductive logic is based on concrete instances rather than
inductive or deductive reasoning. Inferential logic is a logic reached
on the basis of evidence and reasoning,}
37. Which of the following sources of data can be classified as a
primary source of data ?
(A) Data available in UGC reports
(B) Data collected by interviews of UGC experts
(C) Data available from socio-cultural tables of census of India, 2011
(D) Data on Educated unemployment available in Directorate of
Employment and Training (Ans:-B)
38. External and internal criticism of data is a standard measure
engaged for validation of data in
(A) Historical Research (B) Philosophical Research
(C) Descriptive Research (D) Experimental Research (Ans:-A)
39. Identify the parameter which does not measure central tendency
among the following parameters
(A) Statistical mean (B) Arithmetic mean
(C) Mode (D) Average deviation (Ans:-D)
40. Which of the following is not a measure of dispersion ?
(A) Quartile Deviation (B) Standard Deviation
(C) Kurtosis (D) Chi-square (Ans:-D)
{Measures of Dispersion are a) Range b) Quartile Deviation
c) Mean Deviation d) Standard Deviation. Kurtosis is the degree of
peakedness or flatness of a curve  The chi-squared test is used to
determine whether there is a significant difference between the
expected frequencies and the observed frequencies in one or more
categories.Chi-square test,is a statistical hypothesis test}
41. The Universe for a research study comprises of 60000 students
from rural and urban colleges, boys and girls, students of various
social groups. Identify the best method of sampling.
(A) Purposive sampling (B) Stratified sampling
(C) Quota sampling (D) Stratified random sampling (Ans:-D)
42. Identify the verbal test from the given standard tests used in
educational research
(A) Make a Picture Story Test (MAPS) (B) Koh’s Block Design Test
(C) Attitude scale (D) Raven’s Progressive Matrices (Ans:-C)

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