29 September Friday

Wide Protests Over Hardships To People; Party Congress Passes Political Resolution

Special CorrespondentUpdated: Saturday Apr 9, 2022

EK Nayanar Nagar, Kannur : The CPI(M) 23rd Party Congress on Friday lend approval to the draft Resolution with call to organise widescale protests against hardships mounted on public. The Resolution asks taking up of 10 major responsibilities,  including organising efforts and protests, toward bringing  to mainstream and uplifting the  oppressed sections of the population countrywide. Approval of the Resolution signifies the CPI(M) core strategy for the next three years has become laid.

CPI(M) will undertake multi-faceted protests to pull down the BJP government that’s controlled by the fascist body  namely, RSS. CPI(M)’s influence among masses shall be augmented by boosting its interventional powers through conducting of class protests and those for general public.

48 delegates took part in  the debate on Political Resolution, of whom, TN Seema and KK Ragesh were speakers from Kerala.

The delegates suggested a total of 390 amendments to the draft resolution. 23 new guidelines were introduced. Following this, the Polit Bureau members met to examine all of the amendments recommended and approved eight after which the Political Resolution was given its final form. This  Resolution was then  presented by the General Secretary after his response speech following which, the Party Congress approved it.

Post noon on Friday Polit Bureau member Prakash Karat presented the Organisation Report, general discussion on which began 10 am  Saturday morning.

The Party Congress Resolution called upon the Central government to resolve  massive unemployment crisis around the country. The Resolution also extended solidarity with Palestinians fighting for their homeland for seven decades now.