04 October Wednesday

We Will Make A Comeback West Bengal: Mohammed Salim

Special CorrespondentUpdated: Saturday Apr 9, 2022

`In West Bengal, the Party is going through a difficult phase. Rejuvenating the party and making it active again are the immediate challenges the party is facing now. Compared to the years in the recent past, more youngsters are aligning with us now. We will have to give them in- depth party classes and prepare them according to Communist framework and ideology. Despite all these difficulties, CPI-M will once again return to its previous glory and strength in the state. We will reorganise and strengthen our organisation so as to follow through the decisions taken in the state conference and those to be adopted in the 23rd Party Congress -  Mohammed Salim, new Secretary of CPI-M State Secretary, said in Kannur.

Immediate plans for Bengal
People, who are fed up with 11 years of Trinamool rule in the state and eight years of Modi rule in the centre, desire for a change now. We should remind them of the relevance and importance of the Left. Various progresssive projects and welfare schemes executed by the LDF Government in Kerala should be set as an example for the people of Bengal. We should also remind them of the people-centric governance of the Left Governments in West Bengal and Tripura in the former years. Trinamool is trying hard to destroy the base of CPI-M in the state. The constant attacks on the party workers in the grassroot level attest to that fact. Party workers show a strong resistance, but are in  an insecure state. We cant have that. We should make party workers more confident and unite them against such actions.

On`left is no more’ propaganda
The rightwing, with the strong support of the national media, is propagating that there are only Mody in the centre and Didi in Bengal, no one else anywhere in the country. Constant efforts are made to cast away the contributions and the very existence of the Left. But that would not be easy. Left is weaved into the social and cultural structure of Bengal. The Left has been successful in keeping that connection intact even during the most strenuous times. The Bjp is trying to divide the state on the basis of religion and caste. We should resist all such efforts.Working class has the responsibility to safeguard the memories of the contribution of the Left alive among people; not only in Bengal but all over the world.

Increased vote share in 
Municipal Election
The Trinamool has sabotaged the Municipal election recently held in Bengal. They have been especially violent in the constituencies which are strongholds of the Left. Even propagation was not possible for some of our candidates. Still, we have increased our vote share in a considerable way. This also testifies that the people want change. 30 percent of the newly constituted state committee is youngsters. More youth are coming to join CPI-M. We will definitely arise once again in the state. The work has already started to strengthen the party in this regard.
CPI-M and BJP in Bengal
The propagation that CPI-M is adopting a mild approach to the BJP in Bengal is totally incorrect. Such propagations are the brainchild of `Nagpur. In Bengal or anywhere else, the left cant adopt a mild approach towards far right forces. They attack us first and foremost. Because we are the only force which can and do oppose them ideologically. It is not different in Bengal also.