25 July Thursday

Unite to defeat the BJP-RSS regime

Sajan EvugenUpdated: Saturday Apr 9, 2022

Brinda Karat briefing the proceedings of the Party Congress to the media

The  Political Resolution that envisages to mobilise every citizen of India against the Hindutva toxic force which is trying to destroy the democratic and secular fabric has been adopted by the 23rd Party Congress of CPI-M. The discussions on the Draft Political Resolution  concluded by Friday evening after two day long debate. Subsequently  the  Politburo examined suggestions and amendments, General Secretary of the party Sitaram Yechury gave reply and after that resolution adopted.

In a press  briefing Politburo member of the party Brinda Karat  said that a total of 48  delegates took part in the discussion on the Draft political resolution. Nine among them were women.  A total of 390 amendments and 12 suggestions to the  Draft Political Resolution was moved by the delegates. All the amendments and suggestions were in line with the very basis of the Draft and intended to strengthen it. Focus of the agenda was to isolate and defeat the BJP-RSS regime. For this we have to look beyond political parties. There are social and people's movements, student's struggles and dalit-adivasi issues. These are working in different states in different manners.

 The Kissan struggle was an example. There are more than 500 organisations joined together  to fight against the Modi government on 3 contentious  farm laws. CPI-M supported that platform. The Anti-CAA  movement was the first big mass movement against the BJP government. It was mobilised spontaneously when the idea of citizenship of India was shaken. Women in India are now facing barbaric attacks. Sufferings of the people are important to us. We can't wait upto elections. Today itself we have to go among people. It  is the battle of minds, not the battle for votes. That is why the CPI-M is concentrating on people' s concerns.

When election arises appropriate electoral tactics will be taken upon in line with this understanding. There is not any confusion. We are very clear in our aim-Brinda Karat said. In the evening session, the Draft Political Organisational Report was introduced by Politburo  Member, Prakash Karat.