29 September Friday

Terror in Bengal

Anjali Ganga PrathapUpdated: Saturday Apr 9, 2022

Minakshi Mukherjee

The firebrand who questioned the rule of the chief minister of Bengal, Mamta Banarjee, who overcame fabricated cases and brutalities of goondas of Trinamool Congress police. She is none other than Minakshi Mukherjee, West Bengal state secretary of DYFI.  She has been an ardent party supporter from childhood and comes from a family who has worked closely with CPI -M in Bengal.

'What you witnessing in Bengal is terror rule. There is no space for difference of opinion or opposition. Whomever questions Mamta's authoritarianism is under constant persecution'- Minakshi says.

The younger generation of West Bengal had enough since there is no discourse of employment. And also whatever divisive policies established by Modi government are effectively carried out by Mamta's government. Mamta led TMC government is facing backlash from the youth. After the murder of student leader Anish Khan,  DYFI led numerous struggle demanding justice for the same. Through these struggles the youth movement gained prominence. But the government tried to repress it by unleashing police brutality. 15 youngsters were arrested and police beat them blue and black. Even attempt to murder and armed struggle cases have been charged against the protestors, which is completely fabricated. There is constant death threat against those who oppose Mamta and her goondaism. DYFI local commitee member Bidyut Mandal have been murdered for opposing the marriage of an underage girl with Trinamool Congress leader is one among them.

Unko bas kursi mein rehna hai
Mamta Banarjee is primarily focusing on regaining her power through violent methods. With the help of Godi media she is projecting a larger than life image outside. In reality West Bengal is lacking unemployment and people are being pushed towards poverty. Discourses  should be based on employment. In  Bengal there is no distinction between Trinamool Congress and BJP. The image she has outside of West Bengal is that she is the strongest opponent of the Union BJP government. But in reality, unko bas kursi mein rahna hai (she just wants to remain in power). For that she is ready to use money and muscle power. She has no certain ideology or goal oriented programmes for Bengal. And an idea was implanted in the minds of people by the corporate media that only TMC or BJP can save them. To remove people from this veil of ignorance CPI-M have been campaigning from right from the grassroot level.

Kerala paves the way
There is so much to learn from the governance of Kerala. CPI-M led LDF government is giving importance to alternative employment. Even at an unprecedented time during covid, the public health in Kerala was efficient enough to provide necessary care for the public, while the whole nation was struggling. Whether it comes to human development index or providing basic necessities Kerala excelled. This is an apt example of how governance should be executed. And this is only possible because there is a continuation of the left led government in Kerala.

In West Bengal movements are gaining momentum. struggles led by the younger generation are witnessing cross class unity. In local body elections CPI-M has increased vote share and managed to regain their seats. Even in by-elections CPI-M did well. In the coming days the left will make a strong comeback in both electoral and organisational capacities in Bengal, Minakshi concluded.