21 September Thursday

Red Spirit Grips The Historic City

A SureshUpdated: Saturday Apr 9, 2022

The crowd outside International Book Festival in Nirupam Sen Nagar

Kannur, the name resounds a feeling. A wave of passion. In spite of the heat waves and extreme climate, people pour into the city in large numbers, to be a part of 23rd CPI- M Party Congress. Irrespective of their languages and native place, people are bonding over comradeship.

The other day a middle aged man and a youngster on the train were fondly recollecting the memories when they visited the Koothuparamba martyr monument. There was a certain glow in their eyes when they exchanged dialogue about the historic struggle and its relevance even today.

Thousands are gathering to see a glimpse of illustration in the historical exhibition hall. The evolution and the struggles led by the party have been depicted as sculptures and historic descriptions in Varadarajan Nagar (collectorate grounds). It takes hours to cover the exhibition itself. Even the book festival has attracted a huge crowd. To enlighten the minds of all party sympathisers various seminars have also been conducted. Several cultural events have also been arranged as a part of congress. Even the LDF government's first anniversary exhibition and agriculture fair has attracted a fair crowd.
On Sunday, during the closing ceremony of the Party Congress will witness participation from  lakhs and lakhs of comrades from all over the country.