09 December Friday

Book on Gandhiji and entrepreneurship released

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Nov 17, 2022

V D Satheesan MLA, the Leader of Opposition, launches Khaddar -

Kochi/Sharjah : A Malayalam book on Gandhiji and entrepreneurship titled Khaddar - Samrambakathvavum Gandhijiyum penned by V. Sunil Kumar, Founder and Managing Director of the leading builder Asset Homes, was released at Sharjah International Book Fair by V D Satheesan MLA, the Leader of Opposition, by handing over the first copy to K M Noordeen, Chairman, Alfa Palliative Care. The function was also attended by Y A Rahim, President, Indian Association, Sharjah; Elvis Chummar, journalist; Dileep Narayanan, Managing Director, Organic BPS; C T Salim, industrialist and E P Joshnson, former President, Indian Association, Sharjah. The book is published by the leading Malayalam publisher D C Books.

Speaking on the occasion, the author of the book Sunil Kumar V. said what he wanted to convey through the book is that the things present-day entrepreneurs can still learn from Gandhiji. "My book presents Khaddar as India's first best example of entrepreneurship. Although Gandhiji launched a boycott of foreign clothes movement and stood mechanised production at that point, he had shown a viable alternative in Khadder considering India's economic and cultural conditions prevailed then," he said. It is the fourth book authored by Sunil Kumar, a Harvard-trained management expert and civil engineer