30 March Thursday

UN Human Rights Wing Approaches SC With Intervention Application On CAA

Web Desk‌Updated: Tuesday Mar 3, 2020

NEW DELHI : The office of United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights  (UN-CHR) approached Supreme Court filed an Interventional Application to lay their case against Centre’s discriminative legislation.

The move came after UN High Commission, which took a stern view on ongoing protests and recent violence over the law,  lend  nod for its Human Rights wing to oppose Indian government, in terms of its discriminative law.

Rebuking UN’s intervention, the Ministry for External Affairs told the Parliament that, CAA was a matter was internal to India and that foreign bodies have nothing to do with it.

India’s Citizenship Amendment Act discriminates people of the country, the spokesperson for UN High Commission said. All refugees, notwithstanding their residential status,   deserve respect and protection, he added.