04 October Tuesday

Houthi drone strike: 4 injured at Abha airport

Anas YassinUpdated: Saturday Oct 9, 2021

 Manama: Four people were injured following a Houthi explosives-laden drone was intercepted at Abha International Airport in southern Saudi Arabia, according to a statement by coalition forces. The destroyed drone debris scattered some window panes at the airport. Following the incident, airport operation was halted temporarily.

The drone, which was aimed at the airport, was destroyed by the coalition forces. The debris of the intercepted unmanned aerial vehicle shattered the glass of some of the windows, injuring some workers at the airport, the statement added.

The coalition forces destroyed the suspected site in Saada governorate in northwest Yemen from which the drone was launched, it said.

Al Ekhbariyah TV reported that airport operation is normal after it was halted temporarily.

This is the third time this year that the Houthis have attacked the Abha airport. On August 31, a civilian aircraft was damaged after a drone hit the same airport. Eight people, including an Indian, were injured.

On February 11, a passenger aircraft from the Fly A Deal Airbus A320, which was parked at the tarmac at the same airport, caught fire and was damaged in a drone strike.

Abha is a popular destination for Saudi tourists, which nestled in the kingdom’s southwestern mountains.

The coalition said it destroyed three booby-trapped boats on Yemen’s Red Sea coast on the same day.



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