09 August Tuesday

Bodies of 46 Migrants Found Stacked In A 18-wheeler Trucker In America

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Jun 28, 2022

San Antonio : Horrific tragedy unfolded in Texas Monday night, where bodies of 46 migrants were found inside of a 18-wheeler truck in San Antonio.

Police were alerted by a local worker who thought he heard a cry for help from the vehicle’s interior. He then went to check on the truck and found its doors partially open with a number of lifeless bodies inside.

Sixteen people - 12 adults, 4 children- were rescued and admitted into a hospital nearby. The survivors suffered from exhaustion or heat stroke. There was no water inside the truck or any visible working air conditioner., the police said.

High temperatures in San Antonio area ranged from 90 - 100 degree on Monday.

The situation  is being viewed as tragic case of  human trafficking across IS - Mexico border, where networks operate to smuggle people looking for better life into the US .