02 October Monday

Bahrain tightens measures as pandemic rages

Anas YassinUpdated: Thursday May 27, 2021

Manama: Bahrain will tighten measures to combat the unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases, as daily cases and deaths have broken records over the last week.

The strict measures will come into force on Thursday midnight and last until June 10. They include closure of shopping malls, commercial shops, restaurants and coffee shops and services will be limited to delivery only.

According to the national taskforce tasked with combating the coronavirus pandemic, cinemas, private gyms, recreational halls, swimming pools, beaches, spas, salons and barbershops will also be closed.

All social gatherings at homes are barred during the 14-day period. The committee banned all events and conferences, and attendance to sporting events.  

Work-from-home policy will cover 70% of Government employees, while remote learning will be continued at schools.

Hypermarkets, super markets, cold stores, groceries, fish shops, bakeries, petrol pumps, private hospitals and ATMs will be allowed to open.