28 March Tuesday

Iran Sentences Footballer To Death For Protesting Mahsa's Death

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Dec 14, 2022

Teheran : Iran has sentenced one of its soccer player to death for participating in protest against death Mahasa Amini’s  -  a young woman found dead after being taken by police for not wearing  hijab(head scarf).

26-year-old footballer Amir Nasr Azadani was arrested in Novembe,r accused of “waging war against God” and according to latest sources, preparations are underway for his execution. Two others who took part in the protest were hanged earlier.

Amir last played for Persian Gulf Pro League side Tractor though he has not played professionally since his last appearance in November 2017.

According to Iran Wire,  28 Iranians, including children, have been sentenced to death in relation to protests and accused of “corruption on Earth”. The three children, according to sources, were tortured during detention.

World football forums have condemned the sentencing. Human Rights bodies too have pitched protest and expressed shock.