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Unemployment Rate Hits 100 percent Under Modi Govt : Union Minister

Web Desk‌Updated: Tuesday Dec 3, 2019

NEW DELHI : In reply to a query in the Lok Sabha, the Union Minister for Labour and Employment said the unemployment rate in the country has grown by 100 percent after Modi govt assumed power.

Santhosh Kumar Gangavre stated that unemployment rate which stood at 3.4 percent in 2013-14 rose to 6 percent in 2017-2018.  The rate figured  3.7  in 2018-16 . The data is based on survey conducted jointly by Employment Bureau and National Statistical Office.

The Centre is pursuing active steps to enhance  employment opportunities via its schemes – the Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme, Deendayal Gramin Kaushalya Yojana and Deendayal Anthyodaya Yojana – the Minister said.

As per the data, job opportunities in public sector units and giant corporation are on  decline.  While there were 13.51 Lakh job opportunities in 2013-14,  the numbers dwindled to 10.88 lakh in 2017-18.

In Kerala the public sector units offered 32,843  jobs in 2013-14 while the numbers reduced to 27,906 in 2017-18. Job opportunities in central govt establishments in the state figured at 13.51 lakh in 2013-14 while they are down to 10 lakh in 2017-18.  Jobs in the coal industry that stood at 3 lakh  shrunk to 2.9 lakh in the same timespans.


The automobile and accessories sector saw the largest decline. s. From a 60,409 jobs in 2013-14, the numbers tumbled to 7722 in 2017-18.

Employment opportunities in IT and Telecommunication sectors decreased to 2.10 lakh from 2.75 earlier.


Hotel and tourism sector figures stood at 3297 job opportunities from a previous 4868.


Employment levels also came down in public sector units pertaining to energy, textiles, petroleum, chemical, crude oil, and pharmaceuticals.


Agri sector was the only bright spot with employment rising to 3131 opportunities in 2017-18 from 2290 in 2013-14.