13 August Saturday

Police Arrest Koduvayur Woman Who Abducted Newborn From Pollachi

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Jul 4, 2022

Pollachi : A Kodvuvyur woman arrested in Palakkad just learnt that desperation for motherhood is no excuse for crime The incident has its setting in Tamil Nadu’s Pollachi where a newborn baby was reported missing from the maternity ward of the hospital. The police examined CCTV footages in and around the hospital, images of which  showed two woman get away with the baby and board a Coimbatore bound bus from Pollachi depot.

Hundreds of manhour examination of footages followed and  the woman were sighted head to Combatore railway station. The two were later spotted at Olavakaad railway station around 9 am Sunday.

Working with Palakkad police, the Pollachi cops finally traced the women and the baby. The infant belongs to Yunees and Divya couple residing in Kumaran Nagar in Pollachi.

The culprit had faked pregnancy to her husband, relatives and neighbours around. Upon arrest she said  the abduction was her last ditch effort to convince the husband’s family and neighbours that she indeed delivered a baby.