29 September Friday

No Records Needed For NPR; Answers Only To Questions Of One's Choice : Amit Shah

M PrashanthUpdated: Friday Mar 13, 2020

NEW DELHI : No records shall be sought from individuals during surveys conducted for NPR(National Population Register), said  Union Home Minister Amit Shah. People are required to answer only those questions they are comfortable with, leaving out the rest, he added. There is no such thing as categorizing individuals as ‘suspicious’ for hesitating to provide answers,  said Shah . He was responding  to a query on Delhi violence in the Lok Sabha.


In their discussion on Delhi violence, the Opposition maintained that Home Ministry and its Minister are answerable for the recent riots. Delhi police stood as mere spectators to the violence, claimed members of the Opposition. As they closed in with sharp criticisms Amit Shah broached upon  Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) saying that, the law was not meant to remove anyone’s citizenship. Law does not allow that and yet the Opposition continues to propagate that claim, said Shah. To this, members of the Opposition hit back saying, no one claims removal of existing citizenships, however, the new amendment is dubious, they insisted. At  this point in time,  Shah  switched to NPR saying no records shall be sought and that answering questions was entirely a matter of one’s  choice.


Shah moved on to say that Delhi violence was conspired for. There had been funds and other kinds of support that went into it and five persons were arrested caught at  doing that. Probes are ongoing. Culprits will be brought to law without political distinctions. Face Recognition Software is being deployed to identify those guilty. The technology makes use of Driving Licenses and Voter ID. No Aadhar card is being used for the purpose. A spate of hate-speeches since the coming of CAA  paved way for the violence. Rioters arrived in the capital from Uttar Pradesh.  Amit Shah said adding that, there was protocol followed in  judge’s transfer,