04 April Saturday

Centre Tapping Phones Using Israeli Spyware; Govt Should Formulate Data Security Law : MP KK Suresh

Web Desk‌Updated: Friday Nov 29, 2019

NEW DELHI : The govt should show willingness to formulate ‘Data Security Law’ to ensure people’s fundamental right to privacy,  MP KK Ragesh told the Rajya Sabha on Thursday.


The 7-member Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court, in 2017 ruled that,  the right to privacy was indeed a fundamental right.  A Draft Bill  focused on the subject.  has been lying  before the Centre for more than a year now, KK Ragesh said.


The Centre uses Israeli spy software Pegans, to sneak  iinto  phone conversations of political leaders, activists, journalists, judges and scores of other individuals, who might be opposed to govt’s style of functioning.

Earlier, the FaceBook company had notified govt of WhatsApp hacking, that took place  between May – September.  The Centre however chose to keep the revelation  under wraps, the MP continued.


The Israeli company affirmed that its spyware ‘Pengans’ was issued to only government or governmental agencies.  This shows that,  the govt purchased it  to hack phones of people it wished to pry on . We live in a democratic country, not ‘surveillance state’ MP Ragesh reminded the House.