01 April Wednesday

Invoking PSA Against Former Chief Ministers Deplorable : Politburo

Web Desk‌Updated: Saturday Feb 8, 2020

NEW DELHI : CPI(M) Politburo strongly condemned the invocation of Public Safety Act against former Jammu Kashmir Chief Ministers Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti. The law allows citizens to detained without charges for months.


In a debate on Motion of Thanks to the President’s speech in Parliament,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, the proclamations of two leaders -Omar and Mufti-  are unacceptable. Modi claimed Omar to have said that removal of Article 370  would “ bring an earthquake that would separate Jammu Kashmir from India”.

Omar and his party has denied the statement. Modi went on to blame Omar , his father and Mufti – the three most prolific politicians from the region – for growth of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990

Incidentally, the quote on Jammu Kashmir separation from India has been lifted from a political satire site named Fakenews. Com, putting its authenticity into question.

Hundreds of political leaders including Mufti and Omar have been placed under detention as part of a massive clampdown by the Centre shortly before announcing removal of J&K’s special status.

After now being charged under PSA, Omar will remain in custody at Hari Niwas, a State guest house and Mufti will continue to be held at a government in Srinagar.

The law is normally applied to arrest terrorists, separatists or stone-throwers.