26 March Sunday

In Haryana, Deputy Minister and BJP MPs Signal Support For Farmers’ Protest

Special CorrespondentUpdated: Wednesday Dec 2, 2020

NEW DELHI:  In Haryana, NDA ally party , JJP(Jannayaka Janata Party)  and BJP MPs expressed support for farmers’ ongoing protest. The central government should resolve demands raised by the farming community, said JJP Deputy Minister, Dushyant Chuthala.

The apex body of Khapp Panchayat too conveyed backing for the farmers’ protest. The government should review its new agricultural laws, said Haryana Khapp Pradhan, MLA Sombeer Sangwana.

BJP MP Dharamveer Singh slammed Haryana CM’s view that the farmers’ protest was politically motivated. In the last election, BJP came to power gaining votes of the farmers. “Farmers first, party later, because farmers are food providers and any word against them should be weighed carefully,” said Dharamveer.  

BJP should not invoke wrath of the farmers, said Lal Kadari MP.  One cannot campaign favourably for the new farm laws in present situation; It was farmers who saved the nation even during lockdown, he added.