30 March Thursday

Farmers Drum Up Vessels At PM's “Mann ki Baat”: Nationwide Protests on New Year day

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Dec 28, 2020

NEW DELHI:   Hundreds of thousands of farmers and farm workers banged vessels and shouted slogans at sites around the country,  as Prime Minister Narendra Modi came  Live on his “Mann ki Baat” on television. They accused PM of flaunting lies in order to protect business interests of the corporates and multinational companies.

Together with farmers’ organisations across states, the All India Kissan Coordination Committee too gave its call for nationwide protest on New Year day. Youth  organisations and  other unions too came up with their own calls  fpr backing.

The Coordination Committee pointed out that the centre should be investing  in the agricultural sector to improvise basic facilities and procurement of foodgrains. Instead, it plans to spend lakhs of crores for the benefit of corporates and  the youth in rural parts of the country are the worst victims of this policy, it said.  

Meanwhile, the farmers’ agitation continues to spread  across the country. In Haryana’s Dhansai protesters picketed the national highway. Protest rallies will be held in Patna and Thanjavoor on the 29th and on 30th in Hyderabad.

Bharatiya Kissan Sabha informed that toll booths in Haryana  will not be allowed to operate until the protests end.  Farm volunteers will take over the booths. Operations were already hampered between 25th – 27. The situation will continue for so long as the govt refuses to meet farmers’ fair demands, the Sabha said. Protesters also picketed offices and residences of BJP leaders in the state.