05 December Monday

Did Not Expect Such Huge Protest : Admiral Harikumar

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Saturday Jun 18, 2022

New Delhii : Never expected protest of this big magnitude against Agnipath, said Navy Chief Admiral Harikumar. Disagreements will disappear once one gets to understand what the scheme is actually about, the Admiral added.

Once should not resort to violence while protesting. I was  part of planning during the preliminary stage of the scheme for over an year, said Admiral Harikumar. The scheme is now in its final stages. The aim is not reduce pension liability. Rather, the scheme aims to foster patriotism among youth population  and  bring down the average retirement age for Armed Forces, the  Admiral said.

Recruitments would be four times the current levels and about 25 percent of people will continue to remain in service even after four years. Therefore, the question of whether a recruit can be made war-ready in four-year does not hold water, , said Admiral Harikumar.