23 September Saturday

Delhi Violence : 42 Dead, Fear Overhangs Everywhere

Web Desk‌Updated: Saturday Feb 29, 2020

NEW DELHI : Although everything looks under control on the surface, fear from the bloodied communal riots that has just been, looms large in the streets of Delhi. Those dead in violence that that rocked the capital, numbered 42 so far.  More than 300 injured people remain in various  hospitals under treatment. In the targeted violence that saw arson and loot in full display, 500 vehicles, 79 houses and 52 shops were burnt down.  The figures were released by Fire and Rescue department.


Salatul-Jumu’ah or Friday prayers were held in relative peace yesterday. With conflicts easing authorities brought about relaxation to Prohibitory Orders too.


Cases have been charged against 123 people and 630 have been placed under arrest, said Delhi police spokesperson MD Randev. On Thursday a high-level meeting headed by Union Home Minister Amit Shah was held on Thursday.  Riots were limited to jurisdiction of  capital’s 12 police stations alone, claimed the Home Ministry. According to Ministry estimates, only 4.2 percent of city’s total area was affected by riots. As part of decisions transacted,  additional duties held by Delhi Police Commissioner were passed on to Law and Order Special Commissioner NS Srivastava.


Among the 42  persons who succumbed to injuries, 38 died  in GTB hospital. Delhi Lt. Governor Anil Baijal toured riot-stricken parts of the city. Rekha Sharma, President of National Women’s Commissioner, visited Jafrabad. She later issued notice to Delhi police seeking comprehensive report on action taken against atrocities meted out to women and children.