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Centre’s Talks Fail To Make Headway; Next Round on 3 Dec; Protests Continue

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Dec 2, 2020

NEW DELHI: The Centre’s talks on Tuesday with farmers’ delegation  failed to break deadlock and protests continue unabated in the capital and other venues of mass agitation. Following setback, the centre has invited representatives from the farming and farm workers community once again 3rd December once again hoping to end the stalemate..

In the  discussions  held at Vigyan Bhavan, farmers reiterated their demand for withdrawal of the set of 3 laws enacted by government in September. The centre responded saying, although the laws would not be repealed it was ready to resolve concerns over minimum support price and marketing. The government proposed setting up a committee to examine sore points in the new laws – an offer the delegates rejected.

Farmers from Punjab were invited for the first round of discussion. Minister Rajnath Singh, Narendra Thomar, Piyush Goyal and Som Prakash were among the 35 delegates who participated in that session.

“Our protests will continue. We shall not return until getting something from the government – be that a solution or shooting,” said farm delegate Chand Singh talking to media post the talks.

Meanwhile Union Health Minister Narendra Singh Thomar urged farmers to end their protest and become willing to hold talks with the government. Such a move is up to the farmers and their unions, he added.

Solidarity For Farmers' Protest: LDF To Hold Torch-lit Marches in All Wards Wards Today
LDF Convener, A Vijayaraghavan, urged left cadre to organise torch-lit marches in all wards across the state this evening in solidarity for the ongoing farmers’ protest. The laws introduced by Modi govt are designed to exploit farmers to foster corporate interests; these laws will ultimately grab farms from the farmers; In protesting, the farmers are fending off this covert attempt, , said Vijayarghavan.