28 September Tuesday

CBSE X Std Results; Records Highest Pass Percentage of 99.04%; T'Puram Tops Chart With 99.99%

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday Aug 3, 2021

New Delhi: Results were announced for Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) Class 10, marks for which were evaluated using alternative assessment method. The pass out percentage is highest ever  with 99.04% passing and Thiruvananthapuram tops the regionwise list with 99.04%.  

Marks were arrived on basis of exam performances at school-level, including  in unit tests, mid-term/half-yearly exams, and the pre-boards, following cancellation of final exams owing to Covid conditions. Like in last year, the Board did not announce merit list this time either.

A total of 2,113,767 students appeared for exams of which, results of 2,097,128 have been released.  Of these, 2,076,997 or 99.04% students have passed.

The board will conduct exams for private and correspondence students between August 16 and September 15, since the alternative assessment method could not be applied in their case for lack of internal exam history.

Region-wise performance figured as follows : Thiruvananthapuram (99.99%), Bengaluru(99.96%), Chennai(99.94%), Pune(99.92%) and Ajmer(99.88).  The overall pass percentage for Dlehi 98.74% and Delhi east 97.80%.