26 September Tuesday

BJP Nervous of Tripura Defeat; Former State President Quits Party

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Sunday Feb 12, 2023

Agartala : Prime Minister Narendra Modi fails to enthuse crowds during Assembly election rallies in Tripura.  His words bore hints of the Left gaining ground, Tripra Motha's adverse  impact, elecotrally speaking and   strong comeback  of the Left.  At election rally in Dalai district's  Amasa, Modi ,expressed  concern of  Tipra Motha flipping votes. He did not name the Party though. Modi  bragged  that  development and infrastructure expansion happened in State only in the past five years.

Former State President Exits Party
Former Tripura President Ranjoy Dev has quit the party saying, he hates dictators and will take to path of democracy. BJP’s politics in Tripura is purely about  business, said Ranjoy in his response to media. Prominent  minority leader of BJP, Rafi Saman, too left the party.

Wooing outside voters:
 With the Left front putting up stiff resistance to sabotaging plans, Chief Minister Manik Shah has called upon Tripura folks residing outside states and abroad to come and vote for BJP. Thousands  quit the party and turnouts  at rallies were slim. all this  has  left BJP unnerved.

The Left Front has forewarned of wide voter fraud in Assam where large number of people from outside would be mobilised into the state for casting illicit votes. Following the alarm, the army has intensified inspection at borders.

A massive stock of mobile phones was seized at the state’s Bangladesh border.  Violence unleashed by BJP continues on wide scale. Charilam constituency candidate and senior Congress leader Ashok Debbarma was beaten up by the BJP goons. The Left Front workers drove out BJP workers who arrived to incite violence in Theliamura and Sonamura.